We adhere strictly to the professional standards laid down by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. We have set for ourselves stringent controls to ensure that we provide our clients with quality professional services. Our services include:

1. Statutory Audits
Perform annual audits in accordance with the Companies Ordinance and other relevant requirements.

Provide professional opinion relating to accounting and auditing issues.

Advise directors of the relevant legal requirements and regulations and their compliance.

2. Internal Control Reviews
Perform review of the internal control systems of a company for compliance with the corporate governance reporting requirements.

Assist the client in the improvement of internal control system.

3. Due Diligence Reviews
Perform due diligence reviews and prepare reports for the purposes of acquisition, merger or initial public offering.

Investigate specific issues in accordance with client’s requirement and provide suggestions on improvements.

Prepare reports on specific requests, e.g. share value appraisal and operation efficiency assessment.

4. Taxation Services
Act as tax representative for client, compile and submit tax return to the tax authority on client’s behalf.

Assist client to reply and to deal with the tax authority’s enquiries and estimated assessment.

Assist client to handle field audits and tax investigation cases carried out by the Inland Revenue Department and represent client to file objections, appeals and defenses.

Perform tax planning for individuals and corporations to save tax in a legal manner.

Handle employers’ return for employers and individual income tax.

Handle properties tax returns.

5. Accounting Services
Record business transactions and process accounting records.

Prepare trial balance and financial statements on a timely basis.

Process commercial documents, e.g. letters of credit, and import and export bills and shipping documents.

6. Company Secretarial Services
Assist clients to incorporate companies in Hong Kong and other overseas jurisdictions.

Process and maintain statutory records, such as registers of shareholders and directors.

Arrange and attend directors and shareholders meeting, and prepare minutes of meetings.

Submit statutory returns, such as annual returns.

Provide nominee services.

Provide registered offices.

Process application of business registration.

7. Corporate Acquisition and Merger Management
Identify appropriate merger and acquisition targets for investors.

Assist client to formulate proposals for merger and acquisition.

Assist clients in the merger and acquisition negotiation process.

Assist to resolve problems encountered in the merger and acquisition process relating to financial, accounting or taxation aspects.

Perform due diligence on the merger and acquisition targets.

Provide accounting support in the merger and acquisition process.

8. Litigation Assistance
Collect and provide analysis of financial and accounting information to assist client in its litigation process.

Act as expert witness.

9. Management Consulting & Advisory Services
Provide accounting and management support in the IPOs and M&A process.

Advise on setting up management information system.

Advise on setting up financial management and control system.

Recruitment services.

Advise management on financial management.

10. Corporate Restructuring and Liquidation Services
Assist to rescue companies in financial difficulties.

Assist in business or debts restructuring.

Provide accounting support in the debt restructuring process.

Provide advice on liquidation procedures.

Act as receivers in voluntarily or compulsory winding-up.